Save Your Sanity With A Service Plan

  In an increasingly fast-paced world, we’re all busy! Doing the 9-to-5 routine (which is actually more like 7-to-8 or more for some of us), along with family tasks and daily chores leave precious little time for

5 Things to Know About Mini Splits

  Mini-Split Systems have been around for a while, but they’re just beginning to receive a lot of press as a viable cooling solution for homes. Professionals have always seen the advantages of these systems – th

10 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

  While most of us have the luxury of living with central air, some of us live with portable air conditioners that may not be reliable or produce less-than-perfect cooling. There is a smaller group reading this who

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

  We spend a lot of time discussing indoor air pollution on the blog and for good reason. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of the air in their homes, especially those who don’t have allergy

How to Handle an A/C Emergency

  Picture it – the temperature outside is in the upper 90s. You are relaxing in your home, just watching some TV and enjoying your escape from the heat and humidity. Suddenly, you realize something is wrong. The t

5 Warning Signs Your Office Needs Better Air Quality

  For many of us, our weekly routine is the same – get up Monday morning, go to the office, come home in the evening, go to sleep, then rinse and repeat until Friday. Full-time workers spend about 2,080 hours (or

Revamp Your A/C With Zoning

  Last week, one of our blog posts focused on those uncomfortable rooms that just refuse to cool down. There are many reasons why this can happen, and equally as many solutions to correct the issue. One that we didn

Why Won’t This Room Stay Cool?

  It’s lovely to come home to a house that is just the right temperature, especially after a day out in the hot, muggy weather. For some of us, however, there is always that one room that refuses to stay cool. You

5 Things to Know About Window Units

  With temperatures quickly rising into the 90s this week, it’s definitely air conditioner weather. For some people, though, this time of year can be rough – without central cooling, a home can quickly go from a

Keeping Cool at Your Desk

  The temperatures are creeping higher and higher as the spring days turn to summer. For some of us, that means the dread of an office that is increasingly just a little too warm. Whether it’s because of a boss wh