Why We Treat Our Techs to Massages (and Other Fun Benefits)

  Our philosophy at Brown Heating and Cooling? If you treat your team members well, they’ll treat you (and your clients) even better. We recently posted on our Facebook about providing massages for our technicians

Jamie White Joins Hueytown Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

“It was very important [to me] to help grow local businesses in the city of Hueytown. The city has been very good to Brown Heating and Cooling over the past 57 years. I felt like we needed to support the city and do an

What’s So Great About a Smart Air Conditioner?

  These days, it seems like everything is “smart.” We sometimes like to joke about how many everyday objects are connected to the internet. For example, did you know you can get a Wi-Fi enabled crock pot?! What

Investing in a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

  If you want to replace your air conditioner, there are a lot of models out there to consider. Let’s face it – air conditioner shopping isn’t as fun as shopping for other high-ticket items, like cars. Air con

Keeping Cool While Tailgating

  It’s the time of year we all look forward to in Alabama – tailgating season! For those of us who are old pros at these pre-game parties, we know that one unwelcomed guest is often the heat. Summer isn’t over

Jamie White Joins BNI Membership Committee

  We are proud to announce that Jamie White, Owner of Brown Heating and Cooling, has been appointed to the Membership Committee of the Elite Chapter of Business Network International (BNI) Northern Alabama. A member

Heat & Humidity – A Bad Indoor Air Combo

  We know the summer months come with extra heat and humidity. When that extra warmth and moisture makes its way into your home, your indoor air quality can suffer. Here are the big three to watch out for during the

What is Wrong with My Air Conditioner – On Again, Off Again

  One minute, your air conditioner is on. A couple of minutes later, it shuts down. It turns on again; then it turns off. What is going on?! If you experience your air conditioner playing the on again, off again gam

It’s Time for Us to Say “Thanks”

At Brown Heating and Cooling, we take working with the community seriously. Our job is to keep our community comfortable through our commitment to using excellent products, professional development, and to hire the best

Summer Comfort: Keeping Your Home Cool in Hot Weather

  You may see the title of this post and think, “Wait…I have air conditioning, what more do I need?” It’s true; a great air conditioner can always keep your home at just the right temperature. However, what