Does Your Home Need a Good Duct Cleaning?

Everyone knows that your air conditioner and heater need routine maintenance. When mechanical equipment works as hard as most HVAC systems do, it is normal to expect a tune-up every six months or so. Most homeowners, how

Maintain AC Comfort with our Precision Tune-Up

  As the weather gets hotter and hotter, we all start to rely on our home air conditioning systems for a fresh, comfortable environment. While we are basking in the cool breezes coming from our vents, we don’t

The Maleficent Seven: Major Threats to Your Home’s Air Quality

After a long day of work, all you want to do is come home and rest. You walk in your home…instead of being greeted by a sense of comfort, you start to sneeze. A headache begins to grow, and you start to feel lousy. Sou

10 Signs of an Air Quality Problem

We hear a lot about pollution and air quality issues in urban areas, but did you know that the air inside your home can be less clean than the air outside? It is true – the air in our homes is substantially dirtier tha

Tech in HVAC | Air Quality Monitors

Spring is here in Birmingham! That means allergens aplenty and a constant coat of pollen dusting all our cars. If you suffer from allergies, this time of year can be miserable, leading you to find comfort in your home. A

After Summer Bowling Celebration 2017

We have the best team in Birmingham!   After every busy season, we love to blow off a little steam with our team. This year our celebration was hosted at the Brunswick Zone Riverview Lanes bowling alley. We had a bl

This is how we WOW our customers

We love to WOW our customers     We love what we do! A few of our team members woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to upgrade a commercial customer’s HVAC system. Our customer was thrilled we

Bryant Evolution Case Study

Bryant Evolution Case Study     It is fun to save money for a new car or new boat, but what about your air conditioner? If you are like most people, you assume your air conditioner will last forever. According

Focus on Windows for Summer Energy Savings

  Summer and winter are peak energy seasons for most homeowners. During these seasons, every little effort to save energy costs can help to reduce bills; however, some energy saving projects are more valuable than o

Simple Steps to Fix a Frozen Air Conditioner

  It’s among the most common air conditioner problems homeowners encounter – your air conditioner suddenly stops working due to a frozen coil. While it may seem baffling that this could happen during the hot sum