Pro tips for changing the air filter in your home

Pro tips for changing the air filter in your home Owning your own home comes with a lot of responsibilities including maintenance. Did you know your air conditioner and heater is the most expensive appliance in your home

What size air conditioner and heater do I need?

What size air conditioner and heater do I need? We love it when our customers ask us this question, because it is important to buy the right size. Spoiler alert: the right sized air conditioner and heater will provide co

Is cleaning my air ducts worth it?

Is cleaning my air ducts worth it? There is a lot of controversy surrounding duct cleaning. An innocent Google search will display countless articles arguing back and forth about whether or not this is a service you shou

5 Simple Reasons Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

  While the rest of the country is suffering from the chilly winter air, here in Birmingham we’re enjoying a little bit of warm weather. But, we all know that can change at any second! This time of year you want y

Can I Use a Mini-Split for Heating?

  With mild winters, Birmingham residents lucked out when it comes to home heating options. A lot of people in the area opt to use heat pump systems, which can both heat and cool a home without the need of a separat

HVAC Advice for New Construction

  What could be more exciting than building a new home? After all, it’s the American dream to have a living space created just for you and your family. However, a lot of people get caught up in the space layout an

Are Scented Candles Air Quality Killers?

  After a long day at work, it’s nice to get home. Your home is your place to relax, unwind, and feel comfortable. For some of us, that means lighting a scented candle. There are so many candles out there with gre

Zoning for Home Comfort

  Do you have a room that is always too hot or too cold? Maybe you have a whole floor that is slightly uncomfortable all the time. These experiences are not unique. Depending on the age and layout of your home, you

Heating Tips for Alabama Winters

  We’re lucky…compared to our northern neighbors, Alabama winters are mild. We don’t have to deal with most of the inconveniences they experience. However, Birmingham isn’t exactly tropical. We still worry a

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Saving Lives

  When winter rolls around, we start to talk more about furnaces and fireplaces. Both heat producers keep us toasty warm all season long. However, both can also produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, a deadly