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AC Maintenance

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Comprehensive AC Tune-Ups in Hueytown and Birmingham

The summer months in the Birmingham and Hueytown area are humid and hot, and your air conditioner becomes your lifeline. If your system breaks down during this time, you’re stranded during one of the most uncomfortable seasons of the year until a professional can come to take a look and get your system up and running again. One very important way to prevent a system breakdown is to schedule an AC unit tune-up.

If you own an air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system, it is highly recommended that you schedule an annual cooling tune-up to keep it healthy. Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical’s thorough, multipoint maintenance not only helps ensure your system is ready for the summer ahead but can also boost your energy efficiency, saving you money.

To schedule a spring or summer air conditioner tune-up, depend on our team to provide excellent services. We’re ready to help!

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What Does An AC Tune-Up Include?

Are AC tune-ups really that important? Yes! If you know what services our technicians are performing while they are inspecting your unit, then you can understand why it is so important to the AC’s health. The following are are some of the actions our certified technicians complete during your Hueytown AC tune-up service:

Calibrating Parts

Our certified technicians will calibrate your system, making sure all internal parts are working and moving properly. Fine-tuning the AC system at this point will allow it to run at maximum efficiency. This calibration includes the thermostat, which is like the brain of the entire HVAC system.

Looking For Corrosion

We’ll inspect your system for signs of metal fatigue or corrosion— both are issues that impact systems as they age. Either problem could worsen over time and eventually lead to a breakdown. Our technicians are trained to spot early signs of corrosion to prevent as much damage as they can.

Thorough Cleaning

We take time during the AC tune-up to clean the AC unit inside and out. The filters are cleared of debris as well as the ventilation ducts to ensure airflow is strong and clean to your home. As your air runs through your cooling system dust, dirt and contaminants can become trapped on the duct walls before they make it to the filter. Cleaning both areas will help prevent dust and other contaminants from blowing back into your breathable air.

Adjusting Comfort Settings

Our technician will test your system to ensure that it’s able to keep up with your cooling needs without wasting excess energy during the hottest months of the year. If you have noticed uncomfortable temperatures or inconsistent temperatures, this is the perfect time for a professional to address them. This will keep you and your family much more comfortable all year long!

Detailed Inspection

Our technician will evaluate the system with a long checklist to make sure there are no looming problems or impending breakdown issues. We want to prevent any future problems before they happen to save you the hassle and money. Some of the other things on our team’s list to complete during your maintenance are:

  • Cleaning of the condenser coils
  • Checking and adjusting the coolant level
  • Lubricating any and all moving parts to avoid tear on components
  • Checking the ductwork to ensure no air is being lost along the way into your home
  • Verifying all electrical connections and components are working properly

With all of these components and processes assessed by expert eyes, you’ll be able to confidently enter the summer months. Plus, you’ll know that your system is operating correctly and is being preserved for as long as possible.

Benefits of Hueytown Air Conditioning Maintenance

Unlike some AC companies, our team can show you the physical advantages of using our maintenance services. When you complete an annual AC tune-up you’ll see several benefits throughout the year. Our customers have experienced these perks time after time, and you could too!

Avoid Repairs

During AC maintenance, our technicians can identify problems—such as metal fatigue, corrosion, or loose parts—early, before you start using your system every single day. An AC tune-up helps prevent major breakdowns and saves you money on repairs you otherwise would have needed. If you can avoid that inconvenient halt in cool air in the middle of July, why wouldn’t you?

Boost Your Energy-Efficiency

By cleaning your system, adjusting your power settings, and generally tuning up the system our technicians can make sure your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system is entering the summer at its peak efficiency. That means your system will use less energy to cool your home and cost less to run throughout the hottest months of the year. You’ll be glad you were proactive, and your wallet will be too!

Extend Your System’s Life

No air conditioner lasts forever. The average air conditioner is only expected to last 10-15 years. However, your air conditioner is likely to last longer and run better for a longer period of time when it gets annual maintenance. By having one of our technicians inspect your air conditioner, you can ensure that parts are functioning properly well past the expiration date of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical Difference

Our dedication to our customers extends beyond stellar technical service. We also strive to provide an outstanding customer service experience at every single home we visit. From high standards of behavior to respect and caution in your home, we promise our team members will exceed your expectations at every turn.

Plus, we’re proud to offer several Ironclad Guarantees to ensure your 100% satisfaction. From our No Lemon policy to our Peace of Mind guarantee, we stand by our promises. If you’re ever unsatisfied with our service, we come back and make it right — for free!

Shield of Protection

If you want to make your AC maintenance and other services easier than ever, consider joining our Shield of Protection membership program. You’re guaranteed service within 48 hours of your call, two tune-ups every year and other exclusive discounts and benefits. You can also keep an eye out for our seasonal AC tune-up specials throughout the year!

Ready To Schedule Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

When you’re ready to get your cooling system in prime condition to face those Hueytown summers, count on Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical! Our team provides the premier AC tune-up services in the area, and you deserve the best of the best. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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Brown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is the best heating and air company I have ever used in my 30 years of home ownership. They are very friendly, professional, service-minded and competitively priced. I trust them to the fullest to maintain and replace, if necessary, my home/residential air systems. I rate them 20 out of 10.

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