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What Does It Mean When Your Water Meter Is Spinning?

When your plumbing starts acting strangely, it’s natural to panic. From mystery drips to unknown sounds, the last thing you need is a plumbing problem you can’t identify.
If you have looked at your meter only to find that it is spinning out of control, stay calm! Your local technician has the answers that you need to make sure that you get your meter and water supply under control again.

If you have pipe leaks or an out-of-control water meter, Brown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help you. Leaks can be inconvenient, but there is no need to panic. We have efficient and affordable ways to replace and repair broken pipes so that you don’t have to worry.

What Does It Mean When Your Meter Is Spinning?

If your meter is spinning uncontrollably, it can be a symptom of multiple things. The two most common are:

Broken Meter

When your meter breaks, you will not be able to get a proper reading of your water pressure or how much water you are using. If this problem isn’t detected, the problem can escalate to the point where your reader will spin uncontrollably. Making sure to replace your meter will give you an accurate reading in the future.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes that are leaking can have a massive effect on your water meter reading. Depending on the severity of the leak, this can cause your meter to spin out of control in an attempt to read the water pressure. Making sure to have your technician look for leaks underground will ensure that the escaping water won’t affect the meter.

How To Find Leaking Water Lines

Leaking water lines can have a massive effect on your water meter, which is why your meter may start spinning when there is escaping water. Some of the symptoms of a water leak are discussed below.

Sound Of Running Water

If you notice the sound of running water constantly throughout your house, it may be due to a leaking water line. As the water escapes from the line underground, it can make a noise that you’ll be able to hear from inside your house.

Sky High Water Bills

If you’ve been noticing your water bills climbing higher and higher even though your water use hasn’t changed, it may be a sign of a leak. Water companies cannot tell if your water usage increase is on purpose or accidental. This can make your bills go up if there is a leak in your faucet, pipes or line.

Weak Water Pressure

If you’ve noticed that your water pressure isn’t what it used to be, it could be due to leaks. As water travels through your pipes to your shower or sink, water should be traveling at a stable rate. If there is a crack or leak in the line, this stable rate is interrupted and water escapes. This means that you don’t get the water pressure you want.

Call Today To Keep Leaks From Drowning Your Wallet!

If you’re ready to take control of your water meter, calling one of our technicians will guarantee that you get all of your plumbing back in your hands. With over 40 years of experience and amazing customer reviews, we offer a variety of options and affordable prices. There is no better way to schedule a plumbing repair, and we ensure that you don’t have to deal with any of the stress of plumbing problems. Call today for expert repair!

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