Keeping Cool While Tailgating

  It’s the time of year we all look forward to in Alabama – tailgating season! For those of us who are old pros at these pre-game parties, we know that one unwelcomed guest is often the heat. Summer isn’t over

Maintain AC Comfort with our Precision Tune-Up

  As the weather gets hotter and hotter, we all start to rely on our home air conditioning systems for a fresh, comfortable environment. While we are basking in the cool breezes coming from our vents, we don’t

Save Your Sanity With A Service Plan

  In an increasingly fast-paced world, we’re all busy! Doing the 9-to-5 routine (which is actually more like 7-to-8 or more for some of us), along with family tasks and daily chores leave precious little time for

10 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

  While most of us have the luxury of living with central air, some of us live with portable air conditioners that may not be reliable or produce less-than-perfect cooling. There is a smaller group reading this who

Keeping Cool at Your Desk

  The temperatures are creeping higher and higher as the spring days turn to summer. For some of us, that means the dread of an office that is increasingly just a little too warm. Whether it’s because of a boss wh

Avoiding Electrifying Damage from Lightning Storms

  Dealing with severe weather is just another part of life living in Birmingham. Every year the area experiences some incredibly strong storms complete with whipping winds, lightning, and destructive tornados. These

5 Steps to An Indoor Garden (and Fresh Air)

  It’s not uncommon to see plants in indoor spaces. Let’s face it – they are attractive, bringing a little bit of nature indoors during the coldest winter months. They can liven up a room with beautiful foliag

13 Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

  Winter isn’t normally a time of year that we associate with allergy problems. If pollen isn’t in the air, allergies are the last thing from our minds. But for those suffering from indoor allergies, win

How To Handle A HVAC Flood

  Severe weather can be terrifying. When a storm rolls through, many of us immediately focus on the damage that could be caused by winds or a tornado. However, flooding is often a major source of HVAC damage when st

Keeping Pets Warm In Winter

  One of the many benefits to living in Alabama is mild winter weather. We generally don’t have to worry about the frigid conditions our northern neighbors experience on a regular basis. We’re blessed in that we