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Why Is My AC So Loud?

When your AC is running, you don’t expect it to make much noise. However, when air conditioners break, it’s not uncommon for them to produce loud sounds that can be annoying and disruptive.

If you find the noise is getting too much to bear, don’t pack up your suitcase just yet! Instead, make sure to inspect your system parts, check your air filter or call your local technician.

At Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical in Hueytown, we provide the HVAC repairs you need to make your house a home again. Scheduling maintenance for your AC may seem daunting, but with our guidance, you’ll be well on your way to a quieter home.

Are All AC Noises Bad?

Your cooling system is bound to make a few occasional noises. A quiet hum or infrequent sounds aren’t an indicator that there’s a problem with your unit.

However, if you notice your air conditioner making a frequent commotion, there’s likely a larger issue creating the sounds. A few noises to look out for are:

  • Rattling
  • Banging
  • Clanking
  • Clicking
  • Squealing

When your system sounds like the inside of a robot, don’t ignore it! These noises indicate that the machinery isn’t operating as it should. Additionally, overlooking these sounds may lead to worse problems and even an AC breakdown.

What Causes Loud AC Noises?

Throughout its lifespan, your AC may experience a variety of sounds — each of which can be caused by operational issues. You’ll need to address the problem causing the noise rather than tuning it out.

That’s why at Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical, our Hueytown AC experts are here to help you uncover common causes of a noisy AC.

Loose Parts

Old AC units break down over time, which can cause the smaller internal parts to come loose. Since there are moving parts in the system, like the fan and motors, these loose components might get spun around inside the unit.

If you notice a rattling sound in your air conditioner, a loose part is probably the culprit. Loose parts can also cause banging and humming if caught between two moving components.

The best way to address this issue is to contact your local Hueytown AC professionals at Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical. A technician will locate and replace the broken parts without causing further damage.

Dirt And Debris

When dirt and debris get stuck in your unit, you may hear buzzing or humming. If you notice a buzzing sound coming from your outdoor unit, a stick or leaf might be caught in the outdoor unit. If you hear buzzing inside your home, it could be from a dirty air filter or filthy ductwork.

When your air filters become clogged, the airflow can become restricted. This causes the system to produce more noise. When this happens, try replacing the air filter to make sure the air can move quickly throughout the ducts of your home.

Broken Blower Or Fan

When the motors that control the fan and blower in your air conditioner start to fail, they might produce a loud squeaking or squealing noise. Some AC units, especially older ones, make this squealing noise when first turned on. However, constant squealing is not normal and should be addressed by an HVAC professional.

Refrigerant Leak

One of the most dangerous causes of AC noise is a refrigerant leak. Usually, this problem produces a whistling sound, indicating the pressure is high inside your unit. Breathing in refrigerant can be dangerous for your health, so it’s important to turn off your system as soon as any whistling or screeching starts.

Many units will automatically shut off when they detect a refrigerant leak. However, it’s best to act fast and turn off the machinery as soon as you hear any obnoxious sounds to prevent potential health effects.

Once you turn off the unit, schedule maintenance as soon as possible. Refrigerant is dangerous when handled incorrectly, so rely on our Hueytown team for your AC repair needs.

When Should I Schedule AC Repair For Loud Units?

If you have a loud AC unit, scheduling repairs as soon as possible is important. Ignoring the issue can lead to further damage and potentially expensive repairs.

Additional signs that it’s time for an AC repair include any unusual smells or leaks that accompany the noise. You may also notice that your system isn’t cooling your home effectively and your energy bills are higher than usual.

Before calling a professional, you can try taking steps such as replacing the air filter or tightening any loose screws. However, when your loud AC can’t be solved with a simple fix, it’s best to schedule repairs with a qualified technician to diagnose and correct the issue.

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When you’re looking for a premium air conditioning company in Alabama, you’ve come to the right place! Brown Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical is proud to serve Hueytown, and with over 40 years in the HVAC industry, nothing is more important to us than our customers. Our priority is providing stellar customer service and high-quality craftsmanship.

In Alabama, it’s always important to have a functioning cooling system to beat the heat. That’s why we provide a variety of AC services such as annual maintenance and system repairs. Contact us today so we can meet your AC repair needs!

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