Zoning for Home Comfort

Zoning for Home Comfort


Do you have a room that is always too hot or too cold? Maybe you have a whole floor that is slightly uncomfortable all the time. These experiences are not unique. Depending on the age and layout of your home, you may have areas that your HVAC system has difficulty reaching. Sometimes air conditioning and heating systems aren’t precisely designed for the space where they are installed, leaving something to be desired when it comes to consistent temperatures. That’s where zoning comes in.


What is an HVAC Zoning System?

A zoned system defines parts of your home for your HVAC system. Each zone is controlled separately, ensuring that your home is consistently heated or cooled. That always-cold room is suddenly able to stay warm without overheating the entire house! How many zones you have in your home depends on its size, layout, and age. A technician does a full evaluation to determine the right zoning setup for you and your family.


How Does a Zoning System Work?

An HVAC specialist helps you divide your living space into “zones.” Each zone is controlled by an individual thermostat, or by a single digital/smart thermostat using additional temperature sensors. Your HVAC system pushes temperature controlled air through ducts with specially-equipped dampers. These dampers “talk” to the thermostats, moving air to different parts of your home as necessary.


Why Would I Want a Zoned System?

Great question! If you have a home with temperature trouble spots, a zoned system helps to eliminate those problems. Even if you don’t have hot spots, a zoned system is excellent for family members who have different temperature needs. For example, you may have a member of the household who wants their room cooler than the rest of the house. Or maybe you have a space with a lot of electronic equipment producing a lot of extra heat. Having the freedom to control temperatures in individual zones allows everyone to find a comfortable spot to relax.


Can I Add Zoning to My Existing HVAC System?

Zoning an existing forced-air system is entirely possible. The extent of the work required depends on your home, your current system, and how many zones you want to add. You may want to consider some unique bells and whistles as well. For example, zoning works with individual thermostats or smart thermostats. If you opt to use a smart thermostat, zone sensors tell the central thermostat what is happening throughout the home. The main thermostat controls everything. Depending on how “smart” the thermostat is, it may be able to learn your family’s routine and automatically pick the most efficient programming for your home.


Will it Really Save Me Money?

If used properly, zoning systems are more energy efficient, which means lower energy bills. They certainly help to maintain more consistent temperatures through your home, while not wasting energy on rarely used areas. Our specialized techs create a system that works specifically for you. That means our systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. We take the time to plan and build a system to meet your needs, then explain how to use the system to your best benefit. We find that these unique systems mean more comfort for your family and more money in your pocket at the end of the month.