Why Work With Brown Heating & Cooling?

Why Work With Brown Heating & Cooling?


We get it…there are a lot of heating and cooling companies out there. Of course, we want to say, “we’re special!” but we bet you hear that from all the HVAC managers! So instead of just saying we are the best heating and cooling company in Birmingham, we’re going to show you why!

Right now, we are seeking the best of the best to come and work for us, which is why we offer a little more than the typical benefits you may see at other companies. Our goal is to hire the top talent in the area to build an HVAC company that does more than just fix problems – we want to become a trusted friend to our clients. We want to be there when it’s time for them to make a new purchase, or when they need some information on ways they can save money on their home heating and cooling costs. For any customer request, our response is the same – service with a smile, helpful information, and problem-solving that meets the needs of the client.

What do we offer in return for highly qualified HVAC Techs?


Personalized Training

We are committed to ensuring that our team members have the information they need not only to get the job done but to advance in their careers. That’s why we hired Brian, our fantastic operations manager. Brian has experience in training over 4,000 HVAC professionals – he knows a thing or two about the industry!

Brian wants to make sure that all our techs have the best training in the business, but he also wants our techs to be happy. That’s why he routinely checks in with the team members to see if anything is missing, or if there is something they want to learn that hasn’t come up in a training session. Training includes help for those interested in a track towards management positions.

In the end, techs that are truly engaged and learning while they work are happy, and when you’re happy, it just shows.


Work-Life Balance

We know that this is an industry that has its busy seasons, but we are committed to making sure that our team has the time they need to spend with family, not to mention a chance to de-stress. That’s why we offer eight paid holidays a year, plus up to two weeks of vacation. We also know that coming into the office for no good reason is a little silly nowadays, with all the technology that keeps us connected from any location. That’s why we have the option to dispatch you from your home.

But that’s not all. Brown Heating and Cooling is a small company that has been family-owned for years – inevitably, our employees become part of the family. As a family, sometimes that means we need to blow off a little stress…via impromptu go-cart rides, or other spur-of-the-moment activities. Just last week we decided it was time to fly kites…check out the video here.

The point is, we know the maximum of “work work work” can leave you burned out. We try our best to play as hard as we work, to keep things in balance.


$1,000 Signing Bonus (And Maybe $500 for a Friend)

When we say, “We want to hire and retain the best talent in the area,” we are not kidding! That’s why we offer eligible new hires a $1,000 signing bonus. Not only that…if you have a friend or family member who referred you to the company, they will also receive a $500 referral bonus as soon as you are hired. Who doesn’t like bonuses?!

But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our other employees say about working with the team at Brown Heating and Cooling!





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