Why We Treat Our Techs to Massages (and Other Fun Benefits)


Our philosophy at Brown Heating and Cooling? If you treat your team members well, they’ll treat you (and your clients) even better.

We recently posted on our Facebook about providing massages for our technicians. You may be thinking, “Really, a massage?” Yes! Our techs work extremely hard in some rather unpleasant conditions. It is not unusual for them to climb around in attic spaces exceeding 100°F, or to lift heavy equipment all day. Being an HVAC tech means routinely doing dirty, exhausting work. Anyone who has experienced this type of labor knows that, at the end of the day, you are tired and sore. Part of the reason they can (and do) work so hard and maintain a professional attitude Is that we make sure they have the moments of relaxation they need.

But massages are not the only benefits we offer that translate into better customer service…

A True Team Environment

We are picky about new hires! Not just because we want people with the best HVAC repair skills, but because we want people who can work as a team. We want our techs to feel like they are family. That means supporting techs who are talented and driven and guiding new techs on a career path. Our turnover is low, and we are proud of that. Having an environment like this means that techs have the emotional energy to spend on customer service. They know Brown Heating & Cooling is there for them and that they represent the best in the business.


Professional Development

Our techs are already a talented bunch, but as technology changes so do repair requirements. To stay ahead of the curve, we offer a LOT of professional development. We bring in experts to help them better understand new equipment and learn new techniques for efficient servicing. But the professional development doesn’t end with the mechanical skills. We routinely offer experiences that help our techs improve their communication and customer service skills. These skills help our techs better interact with clients and provide the right solutions for every household.


Work-Life Balance

Anyone who has worked for months on end without a break knows that stress can become a problem. To put your all into your job you need downtime. Having that breathing space to enjoy friends, family, and life translates into better job performance when you focus on work again. Everyone needs a great work-life balance, including our HVAC techs. We work to ensure that our team has the time they need to deal with life responsibilities and to relax.


Breakfast & Snacks

HVAC technicians work hard! Why wouldn’t we want them to start their day with a good meal? Ok, we don’t offer breakfast every day of the week, but we do provide a kitchen filled with healthy snacks and drinks for our techs to keep their energy up. When we say, “healthy,” we don’t mean celery. We have high-protein items and beverages that help our team stay hydrated. One of our favorite things? Shots of pickle juice…it’s an excellent source of electrolytes. At least monthly we provide a hearty breakfast buffet for our team to fuel up for the day. This means you will never have a hangry tech show up at your home or office!


 Time for Fun

We can tell when it is time for everyone in the office to blow off some steam. That is why we routinely schedule fun events like a visit to the go-cart track or a session of improv comedy. When the team spends time having fun together (and we mean real fun, not corporate team building “fun”), they relax and are more successful as a team. That success is passed along to you in the form of happy techs who are ready to work and solve problems.


The Bottom Line: Our technicians are the best in the business because we help them succeed and want them to be part of the Brown Heating and Cooling family. Professional and courteous, we are proud to say they are truly the best in Birmingham!