What’s So Great About a Smart Air Conditioner?

What's so great about a Smart Air Conditioner


These days, it seems like everything is “smart.” We sometimes like to joke about how many everyday objects are connected to the internet. For example, did you know you can get a Wi-Fi enabled crock pot?! What would our great-grandparents think if they knew we could control our home cooking from the office?

Some of these smart items may seem frivolous (like the Wi-Fi enabled toothbrush), but when it comes to home cooling and heating, we are excited to see some of the changes being made to systems to make them smarter. Smart HVAC systems are no longer just a system with an advanced thermostat. Now, these systems can monitor the heating and cooling of your whole home. The thermostat and the air conditioner can have a two-way conversation. Both parts work together to create a fantastic partnership.

But let’s talk about how this partnership can benefit you and your family:

Better Comfort Control

When you opt for a smart HVAC system, you can bet that every room in your house will be comfortable. Why? Because it is planned and programmed to provide better temperature monitoring and control for different parts of your home. It goes above and beyond zoning – smart system can judge the temperature of a room and then make determinations on the most efficient way to make changes. That can mean directing more cooling power to one area of the house while reducing airflow to another area that doesn’t need additional resources. A smart system can learn your schedule, making sure that your home is the right temperature when you go to sleep, wake up, and come home from work. This learning ability means comfort for you without any extra effort.


You Can Manage What You Measure

A smart system generally works with an app accessible through your mobile device and your computer. Depending on the system, information gathered on the cooling and heating of your home is recorded. That means you get a clearer picture of the energy used when heating and cooling your living areas.

You may wonder, “Why do I need this information?” Having a better understanding of where and when more energy is used can alert you to power drains in your home. For example, if one room gets more sunlight than others, you may notice a spike in energy consumption for that area. From that information, you can plan for how to fix the problem – in this case, maybe adding window coverings that block sunlight during the day.


Remote Access

Using an app for system management means that you have access to your HVAC system from wherever you are. Why is this useful? Remote access gives you more control. You can adjust temperature settings before you step foot in your home. You can shut off your HVAC system in the event of a major storm while you are away. You can make sure your kids haven’t dropped the temperature to an insanely low setting that will raise your bill by $100 this month…you get the idea.


They Work with a Smart Home

If you use a lot of smart devices in your home connected to one hub (think Alexa), you can likely add your HVAC system to that system. That means you can control your HVAC system at home in the same way that you control lights, security systems, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and more. Voice commands are only the beginning. Remote monitoring of your entire home becomes possible, allowing you to respond to problems quickly and easily.


Efficiency = Energy Savings

One of the most considerable benefits of a smart system? When your HVAC system makes choices about how it cools your home, it will default to the most efficient option. That efficiency means that it doesn’t require as much energy to get the job done, and less energy usage means more money back in your pocket.

We discussed energy-efficient systems on our last blog and answered the question, “Are they worth it?” Smart systems are a little more advanced in how they operate. Like basic energy-efficient systems, smart systems cost more up front, but they provide more value over their lifespan. Combine this with the added value of convenience and comfort and you have a system that will keep the family happy for years to come.


The Bottom Line: Smart air conditioners and heaters are top-of-the-line systems that offer the greatest efficiency and comfort on the market today. The features available are fantastic for those who want to be able to control the system remotely. The added comfort and convenience factors make these systems a great investment.