If you are a property owner within the state of Alabama, you are in luck. Two energy companies in the area offer rebates for certain purchases.  We understand that upkeep on a property is very expensive, so we try our best to share ways to save money any time we can.

Alabama Power

Are you interested in switching from a gas furnace to a newer, energy-efficient heat pump?

Alabama Power offers a great program. Qualified homeowners may be eligible for a low-interest, no-down payment loan to cover the cost of switching to the new equipment. They will even bundle the payment with your electric bill each month to make life easier. For more information on this program, please call Brown at (205) 871-8111.


Are you interested in switching from an electric heat pump to a gas furnace?

Algasco offers a rebate program of up to $800, depending on your particular circumstance. There is a lot of fine print with this offer, so to learn the details, please call Brown at (205) 871-8111. We’ll help you get started.

Manufacturer Rebates

Brown Heating & Cooling offers products that occasionally provide a rebate from the manufacturer. The rebates are offered at random times of the year, so the best way to find out what specials are available is to call us at (205) 871-8111 or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest announcements.