Severe Weather Awareness Week

Governor Kay Ivey has declared February 17-22, 2019  “Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama”


Are You Ready?
Severe Weather Awareness Week


The purpose of Severe Weather Awareness Week is to provide people with the knowledge necessary to protect their lives when severe weather threatens.

For a severe weather preparedness plan to be successful, it must include the following:

KNOW the difference between watches and warnings
HAVE A RELIABLE  method of receiving emergency information
HAVE A PLAN of an appropriate shelter
PRACTICE DRILLS with your family to test the plan


Severe weather can cause serious damage to your home and property. Here are some tips to keep your HVAC protected when severe weather is on the horizon:

-Turn off your HVAC system during storms
-Consider a surge protector
-Remove furniture and toys in the area that may damage unit
-Cover your AC unit
-Minimize flooding risk before the storm
-Consider using straps


In the event that your HVAC system has suffered damage due to a tornado or severe storm, it’s best not to try and fix the damage yourself, especially if the problem may be electrical. If you’re experiencing trouble with your system after a storm, give us a call at (205) 871-8111 and we will have a technician come out to assess the damage. Our techs know how to assess damaged systems safely and having a pro around will prevent potential injuries!