It happens every year when the weather starts to change…the ads start to pop up everywhere for Spring Tune-Ups, Winter-Ready Inspections and 7,248,952 Point HVAC System Checks (just kidding…we have not seen claim to provide a tune-up with 7 million checkpoints, but the list seems to grow every year with fluffy items). So, what are these services and do you need them?

Just like any piece of machinery, your air conditioning and heating components require some TLC to stay in good working order. There are basic maintenance steps that need to be taken on a regular basis to keep your HVAC system running strong for decades to come.

In order to help your air conditioner and heater celebrate more birthdays, we offer our PRECISION TUNE-UP. It’s a little different than some of the other system checks out there – we go the extra mile to ensure that your home stays comfortable, your air conditioning and heating bills stay as low as possible and that you don’t have to worry about major repairs sneaking up on you on the hottest day in July.

What is a Precision Tune-Up?

The Brown Heating & Cooling Precision Tune-Up is an extremely thorough inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system performed by a highly-trained technician, turning back the clock to restore your air conditioner and heater back to its younger days. Remember, our techs are career HVAC maintenance pros, not career salespeople. Their #1 goal is to keep your home safe and comfortable while saving you money in the long run.

A Precision Tune-Up helps keep your air conditioning and heating system running safely, reduces the risk of an emergency breakdown, and helps save you money by improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioner and heater.

This 1 1/2-hour inspection and cleaning for one unit includes the following:

  • Electrical Component Inspection – If the electrical components of your HVAC system don’t work, that means no air conditioning or heating for your home. We go beyond a visual inspection to double-check wiring and connections, looking for hidden signs of damage. If there are loose connections, we make sure they are in good working order before we leave.
  • Safety Switch Inspection – Did you know your air conditioning system has a series of switches to prevent issues like flooding? If your safety switches are not working, you could have a potential flood on your hands in your basement or attic. We double check these switches to confirm they are in good working order, saving you the hassle and expense of water damage (not to mention the cost of replacing your cooling system components).
  • Coil Inspection & Cleaning – For your air conditioner to work properly, your coils must be free to breathe. They need unrestricted airflow to efficiently cool and dehumidify the air flowing through the system. However, the coils are outside, where they are exposed to all sorts of dust, dirt, and grime. Just look at the before and after picture below and you’ll get the idea…But our techs make sure that your coils are as good as new with a thorough cleaning. Using a special cleaning solution and gentle water pressure, we clean the coils without causing damage, while also removing any other debris (leaves, berries, snakes) that may be hanging out inside your outdoor unit.
  • Parts Inspection – Just like cars, HVAC systems contain parts that can be assessed for health by connecting them to a special monitoring device. For these parts, we run a check to make sure they are still in good working order and show no signs of potential failure. If we do find a problem, we will let you know and provide information on possible solutions. Our Complete Comfort Club members enjoy deep discounts when they replace parts like a capacitor or contactor during the semi-annual maintenance visit.
  • Ductwork Inspection – Even if your air conditioning and heating equipment are working perfectly, leaky ducts can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system, leading to higher energy bills. Our technicians will visually inspect the ductwork that is easily accessible. We will let you know if we find holes, loose tape, disconnected parts or signs of wear and tear.
  • Furnace Inspection & Cleaning – As the winter months approach, the focus shifts from your air conditioner to your gas furnace. Our winter inspection includes a full check of your furnace, including a cleaning to make sure it’s in top condition to get through the chilly months ahead.
  • Pilot Light Inspection – While most systems now have an automatic pilot light, we have maintained many systems that still use the old-fashioned system. We are happy to start the pilot light for our clients as part of our Precision Tune-Up service.
  • Carbon Monoxide Test – It is scary to think about how deadly carbon monoxide poisoning can be. That’s why we will perform a carbon monoxide test if you have a gas furnace.
  • Thermostat Battery Change – It is a major misconception that thermostats are hard-wired into a home’s electrical system. Most run on battery power, which means that when the batteries run out, the system will to shut down, causing you to worry about an expensive repair bill. That’s why we change the batteries every time we do a tune-up – it’s just an extra step to give our clients peace of mind.
  • Filter Change – Have you ever tried to breathe with a pillow over your face? When your filter is dirty, it is essentially the same experience for your HVAC system. Ideally, filters should be changed once a month, especially in households with pets or family members with allergy issues. Our technicians provide a clean filter at every tune-up to ensure that your system has optimal airflow, providing healthier air and lower energy bills.
  • System Cycle at End – Once our techs complete the Precision Tune-Up they double-check their work by doing a run of the air conditioning or heating system. If something isn’t right, they will be there to handle the problem.


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Why Schedule a Precision Tune-Up?

  • Cost-Savings – Regular maintenance is important with any piece of machinery. If you give your system and little love and affection in the form of regular maintenance, it will work better, last longer, and reduce the number of breakdowns. Think about it – you wouldn’t let a car go without oil changes…why would you let your expensive HVAC system go without necessary maintenance? Our technicians are also on the lookout for small problems that can add up to large energy costs over time, doing routine checks to keep your bills affordable.
  • Safety – Systems that flood can cause water damage to your ceilings or basement, which can lead to costly repairs and mold issues. Coils and filters that aren’t cleaned can cause air quality problems, which can lead to poor health for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems. In a worst-case scenario, gas furnaces can have carbon monoxide issues. We keep your home a little safer by making sure your equipment is operating at peak performance in a healthy, safe way.
  • Comfort – When your HVAC system is fighting against problems like a dirty coil, clogged filter, or duct leaks, the comfort of your home is decreased. These issues can make it harder for your system to properly cool or heat your home, leaving you constantly adjusting the thermostat and wondering why your home does not reach the temperatures you want it to reach. With a Precision Tune-Up, you are investing in an environment that is as comfortable as you want it to be.
  • Warranty – For most air conditioning and heating components, warranties are only valid if the equipment has undergone regular maintenance. With regular Precision Tune-Ups, you have proof that your HVAC system is maintained properly. We maintain the records for you so filing is one less thing for you to worry about.


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Do I Really Need a Precision Tune-Up?


Did you know your heating and cooling system runs approximately 3,300 hours each year? That’s like driving your car 214,500 miles at 65 miles per hour. Would you ever consider a road trip like that without an oil change?

Your heating and cooling system works harder than your car and the other appliances in your home. It works while you are asleep, at the office, watch TV, and even when you are away on vacation. In the Birmingham, Alabama area, our air conditioners rarely take a break, so your HVAC system needs a precision tune-up.

Give your air conditioner and heater the care and attention it needs to perform at its best…schedule your precision tune-up today!


Satisfaction GuaranteedWhy Choose Brown Heating and Cooling to Perform a Precision Tune-Up?

We know you don’t have time for a long story, so we’ll get straight to the point with the following list explaining why you should call (205) 871-8111 to experience the Brown Heating and Cooling difference:

  • Highly Trained, Best-in-Class Service Technicians. Our focus on training helps us stand out from the crowd because our technicians actually know how to REPAIR HVAC equipment. Our service technicians are NATE and EPA certified. We provide training in our training lab and classroom including the latest diagnostic equipment and technology.
  • Maximize Your Investment. Since we know how to repair HVAC equipment, you can trust us with an older system. We currently service a customer with a 1973 Bryant air conditioner. You read that right…her system is 45 years old and works great. We take pride in helping our customers squeeze every penny out of their investment. When it is time to replace a unit, we enjoy educating our customers about their options and helping them make an informed decision.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When you’re happy, we’re happy. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your experience, we’ll make it right—and that’s a promise.
  • Respect for Your Property and Family. You can trust our technicians to treat your home as if it were our own.
  • Real People Who Are Excited to Help You. When you call Brown, you will not enter a maze of voice-activated prompts. A live person will answer the phone plus we promptly respond to after-hour emergencies.
  • Timely Service that’s Quick to Restore Your Comfort.I t isn’t every day that you need a licensed HVAC contractor, but time is of the essence when you do. Trust our team for fast, convenient repairs.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions. We tailor repairs and installations to meet your needs by educating you about your options and providing our professional advice.
  • Proactive Communication. Let’s face it…we are a service company and not everything goes as planned. We will overcome this hurdle by keeping you informed.  If we run into a problem, you will be notified and presented with a solution. Remember…we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our team is unique because we focus on training, maximizing your investment and proactive communication. Our successful track record makes us an invaluable partner.

Bottom line: When you trust Brown Heating and Cooling with your air conditioner and heater, you’ll encounter a team of happy, professionals that care about your safety and comfort level while extending the life of your air conditioner and heater.