Jamie White Joins BNI Membership Committee

Jamie BNI


We are proud to announce that Jamie White, Owner of Brown Heating and Cooling, has been appointed to the Membership Committee of the Elite Chapter of Business Network International (BNI) Northern Alabama. A member of the Elite Chapter for a number of years, Jamie brings experience from previous leadership roles and as a visitor host for the business networking group.

“Jamie is a team player! He’s done a great job serving on the Visiting Host Team in the past,” says incoming Elite Chapter President Brice Jackson. “He is always working to promote other Chapter members whenever he gets the chance.” By serving on the membership committee, Jamie will have the chance to review new incoming chapter members while also weighing the thoughts and concerns of other committee members.

“BNI has been instrumental to our growth at Brown Heating and Cooling,” said Jamie. “When I was asked to serve on the membership committee, I was more than pleased to do it.” A strong proponent of BNI, Jamie’s willingness to volunteer his time and experience comes from his appreciation for all that the group has given to him during his membership. Besides helping Brown Heating and Cooling grow, BNI has helped Jamie strengthen his leadership and speaking skills, leading to more opportunities for sharing his experience and knowledge. Beyond these skills, Jamie adds, “I’ve made so many connections within BNI, great relationships – not just business connections, but everlasting friendships.”

BNI’s mission is to help its members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program, which provides the opportunity to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. About upcoming plans for the Elite Chapter, President Brice Jackson said, “Our meetings will be fun but structured…we need more opportunities to be casual together. Many new types of connections and more referrals will be uncovered and passed by attending [these meetings].”

If you are interested in BNI membership, please contact Jamie at (205) 871-8111.