It’s Time for Us to Say “Thanks”

Military Discount HVAC

At Brown Heating and Cooling, we take working with the community seriously. Our job is to keep our community comfortable through our commitment to using excellent products, professional development, and to hire the best technicians in the business. When we come to your home, we want it to feel like a trusted friend has stopped in to help you out with your heating and cooling issues.

When we have business meetings and think about ways to improve the company, we actively try to develop ideas that will make our customers’ lives better. We realized that we were not offering all we could to the men and women who have worked and sacrificed so much to keep the citizens of our country safe and comfortable. The active members and veterans of the Armed Forces give so much for us to be able to live the lives we lead. They give up time with their families, their health, and sometimes their lives so that we can continue with our daily business knowing our country is safe.

It’s time Brown Heating and Cooling said, “Thanks,” for those sacrifices. To honor and express our gratitude to those who serve in our military, we offer special discounts to active duty and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces:


15% Off Indoor Air Quality Solutions

10% Off Repairs Up To $300

5% Off Purchase of New Equipment Up To $500


To see the details of our offer, please click here. We pledge to take care of you and your family with high-quality services to ensure your family’s safety and comfort. Thanks again for your service and if we can help with any HVAC issues, please give us a call at (205) 871-8111.