Giving the Gift of Heat This Holiday Season

Giving the Gift of Heat this Holiday Season


Last week, Brown Heating and Cooling was featured on Birmingham local news for providing heat to Jo Ann Stone. A neighbor of Jo Ann’s found out that she was living without heat…for two years! When we heard about her situation, we just knew that helping her was the right thing to do…it’s what neighbors are for.

The truth is, being able to help people like Jo Ann is one of the great parts of owning a family-run business. We hear stories like Jo Ann’s all the time, but usually, it is through a technician who is on a call with someone who cannot afford a repair. We have seen people who have moved into a single room in their home, to stay warm enough during the winter months. No one should have to resort to this situation to live comfortably…it’s just not right! In these cases, we help when and where we can. With the publicity of this most recent story, though, we are formalizing the process a bit so that we can help those with the greatest need. So, for #GivingTuesday, we are introducing the Gift of Heat page on our website.

Nominating a person who needs assistance is easy – just click on the link above and fill out the form on the page. There are a few restrictions on who can apply:


  • Must Own Their Home: Unfortunately, we are not able to do HVAC work on rental properties. The nominee must own the home where work is done.
  • Must Have an Existing Central HVAC System: While we would love to be able to gift entire HVAC systems to those in need, we just do not have the resources to do so. However, repairing existing central HVAC systems is something we have a little more control over.
  • Must Live in the Birmingham, AL Area: Nominees must live within 25 miles of downtown Birmingham.

The is no deadline for the Gift of Heat. In fact, we have helped neighbors in need during the summer months as well…Alabama heat waves are no joke! If you know someone who is a great candidate for the Gift of Heat program, please share their story with us.

While we would love to help everyone who applies, the truth is that we do not have separate funds set aside for this program. That means we will help when and where it is possible to do so. If your nominee looks like a good fit for our program, we will contact you for more information and set up a time to inspect their HVAC system.

Thank you so much for helping with this effort – we truly appreciate being your neighborhood HVAC company!