Gift of Heat


We love this time of year! The Gift of Heat program is our way of sharing our talents, saying Thank you and giving back to our community.



Did you know there are people closing off their homes down to one room where the family will huddle around a space heater or a fireplace in an attempt to stay warm as our Birmingham, Alabama temperatures drop. You’ll hear about the coat drives and food drives, but who is helping our community stay warm and comfortable this winter beyond blankets and space heaters?

Brown Heating and Cooling wants to make a difference in our Birmingham, Alabama community.

You can enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling too by nominating your neighbor, friend, family member, co-worker, stranger or even your enemy. If you know someone in need, please nominate them below after your read the rules.

  • Who is eligible? Nominee must own the single family home and live within 25 miles of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The house must have an existing central heating unit and ductwork.
  • How do you nominate someone? Complete the nomination form below and answer every question. Only applications that are 100% complete will be considered.
  • When is the deadline to nominate? We accept nominations year round and do our best to accommodate as many people as we can in our community. First come, first serve. We review the nomination forms at the end of every month. If your nomination form is selected, we will contact the nominee to conduct an assessment to confirm the need and determine if we can help.
  • What is the Gift of Heat? It depends. For some homeowners, we are able to safely repair their heater by replacing the part that failed. For others, we replace the furnace or heat pump.
  • Does the nominee own their home? The Gift of Heat program is only available for single family homeowners. If the nominee rents their home, please contact their landlord.
  • Does the nominee have the financial resources to pay the increase in utility costs after the system is repaired? Central heating and air conditioning can double a homeowner’s utility costs, so please confirm the nominee can afford to pay the increase in operation costs.
  • Fine Print: Recipient agrees to allow Brown Heating and Cooling to use their story, images and video on media sites without compensation or restrictions. The Gift of Heat program is a one-time gift. It does not include financial assistance for future replacement, repairs, maintenance or operating costs. Depending on the actual work performed, the part may be covered by a manufacturer warranty. No other warranties or guarantees apply.

To nominate someone, please complete the form below.

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