As a member of the Complete Comfort Club, you enjoy exclusive benefits and perks. Brown Heating and Cooling offers the most comprehensive maintenance club designed to meet your comfort needs, provide worry free operation and save you money.


No Breakdown Guarantee – Brown believes in the benefits of our maintenance program and the skill of our technicians so much that we offer a No Breakdown Guarantee to our Elite and Premium members. We promise the system will not breakdown during the remainder of the season after the system receives a clean bill of health during our maintenance visit. If it does, we will apply 100% of your annual club fee for one unit to any repair Brown performs on the system.

Loyalty Bucks – Bridge the financial gap when you need to replace your HVAC system. Elite members earn $200 per year toward a new complete HVAC system, up to $1,200. Premium members earn $100 per year, up to $1,000.

Free Tier One Repairs – Replace the most common items we see fail at no repair charge – contactor, capacitor, thermocouple and up to 2 lbs of refrigerant per year.

Double Referral Rewards – Referrals are the life blood of our business. We attribute our success to customers like you that value outstanding service and share our information with family, neighbors and friends. We gladly pay Double Referral Rewards to members. The best part…your friend will receive Double Rewards too. Your friend will receive instant savings on their invoice and we will mail you a check within 14 business days.

Other Exclusive Benefits include:

  • Save money when your properly maintained system lowers your utility costs.
  • Relax knowing your system is running safely and is less likely to have a costly breakdown.
  • Experience our one-of-a-kind customer service from our certified, professional technicians.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and earn rewards.
  • Breathe easier after we improve your indoor air quality with a new, clean filter.
  • Celebrate more birthdays with your air conditioner by extending the life of your system.
  • Jump to the front of the line and receive priority service.
  • Eliminate the nagging feeling you are forgetting something with our automatic reminders.
  • Pat yourself on the back after you save money on your diagnostic fee.
  • Sweeten the deal when you sell your house and give the new homeowner a complimentary classic membership, a copy of the HVAC maintenance records and the keys to the house.
  • Transfer your existing membership to your new home as long as it is within our service area.

Complete Comfort Club

Semi-annual maintenance
Double Referral Rewards
Priority Service
Complimentary filter
Diagnostic Fee$0 / $0$49 / $89$49 / $89
Repair Discount15%15%15%
Breathe Easier discount10%10%10%
No Breakdown Guarantee
Loyalty BucksEarn $200 per yearEarn $100 per year
Free Tier One Repairs
Monthly Investment$33$21$16
Each Additional System$24$11$10


Fine print…click here to read the terms and conditions of our Complete Comfort Club. It may put you to sleep, but it is important you understand what is included.


In a climate that can be unforgiving, efficiency and comfort depend upon a well-maintained air conditioner and heater.

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