HVAC Advice for New Construction

  What could be more exciting than building a new home? After all, it’s the American dream to have a living space created just for you and your family. However, a lot of people get caught up in the space layout an

It’s Time for Us to Say “Thanks”

At Brown Heating and Cooling, we take working with the community seriously. Our job is to keep our community comfortable through our commitment to using excellent products, professional development, and to hire the best

10 Factors Causing Hot Spots in Your Home

When the temperature starts to rise in the summertime your home is your retreat. In an ideal world, every room should be cool and comfortable. However, some families experience rooms that just won’t behave. Maybe it’

Simple DIY Duct Repairs for Cleaner Air

  We all want to save money. With all the information available online, it is easier than ever to find tutorials on basic and advanced home maintenance. Having access to this information is great – it provides hom

Bryant Evolution Case Study

Bryant Evolution Case Study     It is fun to save money for a new car or new boat, but what about your air conditioner? If you are like most people, you assume your air conditioner will last forever. According

Spring Into: Fresh Indoor Air

  Goodbye winter, hello spring! That chilly winter air is finally gone, which means it’s time to start spring cleaning. We’ve mentioned before that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air, thanks to the

6 Backyard Threats to Your A/C

  Air conditioning season has arrived here in Birmingham! The warm weather we enjoy for most of the year is fantastic, as long as we have working air conditioning to retreat to during the hottest parts of the day. N

Staying Green (and Saving Money) With HVAC

  This Saturday is Earth Day, an annual celebration of our planet and its resources. This holiday started in 1970, is meant to remind us of the beauty of nature and all the ways we can help to keep our planet in gre

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is the Wrong Size

  There’s nothing quite like walking into your home on a steaming hot summer day to feel the refreshing “woosh” of your air conditioner. Here in the South, we tend to take this marvel of technology for granted

5 Steps to An Indoor Garden (and Fresh Air)

  It’s not uncommon to see plants in indoor spaces. Let’s face it – they are attractive, bringing a little bit of nature indoors during the coldest winter months. They can liven up a room with beautiful foliag