Pro tips for changing the air filter in your home

Pro tips for changing the air filter in your home Owning your own home comes with a lot of responsibilities including maintenance. Did you know your air conditioner and heater is the most expensive appliance in your home

Keeping Cool – How to Kick Hot Spots to the Curb

  It’s a common problem, that room in a home that just won’t stay cool. When the Alabama summer heat kicks in, the offending room is virtually abandoned. Wouldn’t you like to have that room back? After all, it

Simple DIY Duct Repairs for Cleaner Air

  We all want to save money. With all the information available online, it is easier than ever to find tutorials on basic and advanced home maintenance. Having access to this information is great – it provides hom

Keeping Cool at Your Desk

  The temperatures are creeping higher and higher as the spring days turn to summer. For some of us, that means the dread of an office that is increasingly just a little too warm. Whether it’s because of a boss wh

Put An End To Fireplace Drafts

  The blast of Arctic air headed our way this week reminds us of the cozy possibility of a warm fire in the fireplace. However, for many homeowners, the joy of a cozy fire is matched by the frustration of cold air s

DIY Home Energy Audit

  It is truly amazing how far technology has taken the world. If you consider that most homes only received electricity in the 1920s-1930s, we have come a long way very quickly. Add onto that improvements in buildin

Protect Your Home: Fire Alarms

  When it comes to a fire in the home, everyone seems to think, “Well, it will never happen to me!” Of course we want this common thought to be true, but the fact is fires are relatively common emergencies – i

How To Warm Up A Chilly Basement

  Eventually, the hot Alabama weather we are experiencing will subside, bringing cooler temperatures. We all know that winter is generally a time for staying indoors, but there is one part of the house that is known

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

  Being able to control the temperature of your home is a key aspect of a working heating and cooling system. The whole point of indoor climate control is that you can keep your environment comfortable for you and y

What Is That Musty Smell?

  That old musty smell. It’s a common odor, especially in older homes and basements – that musty, kind-of-like-a-library smell. Some of us associate it with grandparents, or other homes from childhood, but when