Bryant Evolution Case Study

Bryant Evolution Case Study



It is fun to save money for a new car or new boat, but what about your air conditioner? If you are like most people, you assume your air conditioner will last forever.

According to the department of Energy, air conditioners typically last about 15 years.

Plus, air conditioners are notorious for failing at the most inopportune time. When you are entertaining a house full of people or have ten million other things to invest your time and money in.

In March 2016, Jamie and Tina White found themselves in the same situation. They experienced multiple problems with their 12 year old builder grade 10 SEER air conditioner. After a few repairs, they decided to install a high efficient air conditioner. They chose the Bryant Evolution system, because it was the best on the market plus they wanted to enjoy all of the benefits Bryant offered.

In this video, Jamie shares his actual experience with the Bryant Evolution system. You’ll learn 4 reasons why you should consider buying a Bryant Evolutions system too.

#1 Utility Cost Savings

Everyone has a different comfort level, so we operate our air conditioners differently.

At the White house, Tina enjoys living in a meat locker. Typically, our thermostat is set at 70 degrees during the day and 68 at night.

During the first year after we installed the Bryant Evolution system, we saved $516 in utility costs. Since the average life expectancy of an air conditioner is 15 years, we could potentially save $7,736 over the life of the system.

Your savings may be more or less depending on your heating and cooling habits.

You may be thinking – every air conditioner works the same, so how does the Bryant Evolution system save you so much money?

One of the ways is the Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System.

A Hybrid Heat system includes an electric heat pump that sits outside of your home that will cool and heat your home. Here’s the best part, since it is a hybrid system, you will also have a gas furnace inside your home. This gives you the best of both worlds. You will enjoy the energy savings of the heat pump, but when the outdoor temperature drops below 30 degrees, you will have the comfort of the gas furnace.

The system automatically selects the most economical fuel source – gas or electric – based on data through the control to heat the home with maximum efficiency. Plus, you have the power to choose the type of heat you want if a utility company raises their rates. You can simply switch to the one that is more cost effective for you.

Another feature of the Bryant Evolution system that helped us save money is the Variable speed operation.

Basic air conditioners have a single stage compressor. This means your air conditioner is either on or off.

Think about a car, when you crank it up, it would be like holding the gas pedal to the floor until it shuts off. This of course would burn more fuel and ultimately lead to an early demise of your vehicle.

Instead of only one stage, the Bryant Evolution system has a five-stage compressor. This allows the system to soft start and slowly ramp up and ramp down to only use the energy it needs. It operates in longer, slower speed cycles throughout the day instead of all or nothing.

The proof the Bryant Evolution system saved Jamie and Tina money is documented in their utility bills.

#2 Increase in Comfort

The real secret to feeling comfortable in your home is controlling the humidity. The Bryant Evolution system’s five stage compressor helps reduce humidity levels that leads to feeling damp, hot and sticky. When humidity is controlled, you will feel more comfortable even when your thermostat is set at a higher temperature.

Plus, the combine strengths of the gas furnace and heat pump will deliver comfort and efficiency year round.

#3 Crazy Quite

The system has a 55 decibel sound rating on the lowest speed.

Jamie and Tina’s house is very close to their neighbor’s house. The air conditioner sits close to the neighbor’s master bedroom window. The neighbor really enjoys how quiet the machine is since it does not disturb their daily activities.

Who knew you could strengthen your relationship with your neighbor by installing a quiet Bryant Evolution system.

#4 Control from Anywhere

The Evolution Connex Controller goes beyond the basic programmable and Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

  • It has a full-color, touch-screen design. You can even upload your favorite photo to customize the screen saver.
  • It has an Intuitive 7-day programming feature that helps you save energy 24-7. Plus, you can create various programming settings so it is easy to switch to your comfortable level whether you are awake, away from home, asleep or on vacation.
  • The Touch-n-Go feature gives you the power to easily override the schedule.
  • Wi-Fi® remote access capability gives you the ability to control the system from anywhere
  • Pop-up reminders will help you remember to change the filer or schedule service.
  • Plus, it will give you a 5-day local weather forecast

Bottom Line

Do you want the best for your family and home? The Bryant Evolution is what you are looking for. The system will save you money, keep you the most comfortable, operate quietly and you can operate it from your smart phone.

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