Spooky Science: Why is Fog Coming From My Air Conditioner?

At Brown Heating & Cooling, we sometimes get calls from homeowners concerned that they have a major problem on their hands. When they turn their air conditioning on, they suddenly experience a spooky scenario – it

Save Your Hard-Earned Cash With These HVAC Tips

What Happens When You Don’t Properly Maintain Your HVAC System?

Having a well-running HVAC system can be the difference between having a comfortable home filled with clean air, or an uncomfortable home that can aggravate allergies and spread dust and dirt everywhere. Most HVAC techni

HELP! My Air Conditioner Quit on Game Day!

Even though Fall is officially here, we all know the weather in the South can stay warm well into November. Having a working air conditioner keeps your home comfortable, especially when you have a large group of guests o

Want a Working HVAC System? Don’t Cover Your Thermostat

If you have spent any time on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen the many, many images and tutorials on how to hide that unsightly thermostat. It seems like a great idea – why would you want an ugly control unit positione

Get Game-Day Ready With an HVAC Checkup

    Who’s ready for football season? Glorious weekends of games and parties are just around the corner, but is your HVAC system ready to handle the challenge of keeping your home comfortable? No one likes a s

Money Saving Tips

Be sure furniture or other large objects are not blocking the air flow from the registers. This will reduce the load that is put on your system so it can operate more economically.   Check your filter regularly to m