What We Are Made Of

We specialize in repairing air conditioners, heaters, heat pumps, air purifiers, duct systems…everything you need to get back into your comfort zone.

We are different from our competitors because we prefer to service and repair your system instead of assuming your 1984 HVAC system needs to be replaced. Oh yeah…you read that right! We do not prejudge a system based on its age. We proudly service systems that are ancient.

A new HVAC system is the third largest purchase you will make behind your home and car. We care about your investment and want you to squeeze every last BTU out of it before you replace it.

Whether you want to Repair, Replace or Refresh, Brown is the best heating and air conditioning service company in town. Don’t take our word for it. Check out these testimonials.



We take our craft seriously. HVAC is what we do and we do it well!


With over 150 years of experience, we will tailor the solution to your specific needs without asking you to spend a fortune.


We value honesty, passion and the desire to get it done right the first time.

Nestled in Birmingham, Alabama, we have happy customers all over Central Alabama.

We are proud of our rich history and reputation, but it’s the future we are most excited about. Each team member is ridiculously talented, they love what they do and they are eager to help you.

We are the best place to work in Central Alabama for HVAC enthusiasts. How does that help you? This is great for our customers, because everyone on our team is engaged, loves what they do and chose to work at Brown. They love our culture, the year round training and fun community events.

Training is a top priority for us. We want to be better than yesterday, so we created a training lab and classroom to provide weekly training meetings for our team. Our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and technical knowledge they need to quickly help you solve your air conditioner and heater problem.

Bottom line: We love what we do and it shows. Our happy customers refer us over and over again.



This whole thing started in 1961 by a man named Charlie Brown. He loved serving families in Jefferson and Shelby County. He launched a great company that was focused on quality and service. We still have customers stop by the office to ask for Charlie even though he has not worked with us since 1984.

In 1984, Johnny and Sharon White purchased the company. They decided to keep the business name, since so many customers recognized the brand.

Johnny used his mad mechanical contracting skills to design and install heating and cooling systems for large buildings all over the city. For 32 years, Johnny and Sharon grew the company based on quality products and reliable service.

During 2015, Johnny and Sharon passed the torch to their son, Jamie. Together, Jamie and Tina White, purchased the business. They are so excited to keep this great company in the family!

In a short period of time, Jamie and Tina have invested in technology upgrades and a training lab.

One thing has remained constant over the last 59 years…fantastic customer service, extensive technical knowledge and pride in our work.