100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you, the original purchaser, are not satisfied with your American Standard system, Brown Heating and Cooling will repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the American Standard® products and refund the purchase price, subject to the Conditions and Limitations listed below. This guarantee will remain in effect for six months after the original installation date. This guarantee is non-transferable.

Conditions and Limitations

1) This offer is applicable only to homeowner’s personal residence. Not applicable to any rental or commercial properties.

2) Homeowner is responsible for painting, patching or restoration work in the event that the American Standard system is removed.

3) Homeowner must provide access for the system to be removed weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

4) Refund Amount is based on labor and material necessary for the installation of the American Standard® system only. Additional items that would remain on the premises, i.e. ductwork, electrical/plumbing upgrades, registers, grills, accessories and fees, permits and finance charges are not subject to refund.

5) Homeowner agrees to allow an American Standard® customer assurance representative and Brown Heating and Cooling a reasonable number of attempts and ample time for the resolution of the dissatisfaction or for the approval of the eventual removal of the system.

6) Regardless of the retention of the original system the new system will be removed free of charge if no satisfaction is reached.

7) This guarantee does not cover, and neither Brown Heating and Cooling nor American Standard® are responsible for, the cost to replace or reinstall owner’s original equipment.