Air Conditioner Repair in Vestavia, AL

There are fewer things more miserable than needing an air conditioning repair in the hot, humid south. Summer days can creep up to the high 90s and sit there for weeks on end. Most summers we have several days that are over 100’F, reaching up toward 110’F. It’s hard to take a deep breath in weather that warm and humid.

Summer typically lasts in Alabama well into October, even November. The calendar may say it’s Fall, but many Thanksgivings we’ve sat on the beach and sunned in our swimsuits. This particular year, the temperatures stayed between 100 and 108 for almost two weeks. The worst thing that can happen during a long Alabama summer is for your air conditioning unit to go out.  At Brown Heating and Cooling, we offer quick and reliable AC repair services in Vestavia for residential and commercial purposes.  

If your air conditioning is struggling to keep you cool, give Brown a call.  We will quickly assess the situation and determine the best solution for your situation.  Our expert air conditioning technicians are trained to work with all makes and models and will have you cooled off in no time!  It is important to have a local and trustworthy HVAC contractor in Vestavia you can depend on, and we are just a phone call away. 

Vestavia Heater and Furnace Services

As the winter cold finally shows up in Alabama, it is important for your heating and furnace system to function efficiently.  Not only do you want to avoid freezing cold temperatures inside your home or business, but you also want to avoid extremely high utility bills.  Brown Heating and Cooling provides quality heating repair and maintenance in Vestavia at affordable prices.  We will assess your system and ensure that it is running at its peak performance.

Throughout the year dust settles in the ducts of your AC unit and when the heat kicks on it burns off that dust. You may simply smell the dust burning or it may trigger some  watery eyes, sneezing and coughing for those prone to allergies. If the smell lasts more than 30 minutes you need to contact the most reliable and affordable HVAC contractor in Vestavia.

It is advised to have the duct system cleaned periodically, especially when there are environmental influences or at risk individuals in the home or office. Some examples of environmental influences are pets or nearby construction the stirs up dust continually, especially during dry summer weather. At risk individuals who may be more affected by dust in the heating and cooling system are the elderly, small children or those who struggle with respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD.  For the most reliable furnace repair in Vestavia, Al and duct cleaning contact Brown Heating and Cooling.

Vestavia’s Leading HVAC Maintenance Service

Just like routine oil changes for your car prevents long and expensive repairs in the future, a regularly scheduled check up for you AC Unit is economically wise. Regularly scheduled seasonal check ups by a heating and cooling contractor to be sure that everything is in good working order can prevent an unexpected emergency repair in the middle of hot summer or cold winter. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Maintenance of the heating and cooling unit is important for commercial buildings as well. Reducing environmental risks can prevent illness that may be contributed to or even caused by dusty AC units. A healthier staff decreases missed days due to illness and increased productivity when your staff is breathing healthy air in a safe and properly cooled or heated  environment.  

As the cool breezes begin to blow and the leaves fall from the trees, call Brown Heating and Cooling in Vestavia to schedule a checkup or duct cleaning with our HVAC contractors to keep your house warm and healthy this winter.


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