Staying Green (and Saving Money) With HVAC

  This Saturday is Earth Day, an annual celebration of our planet and its resources. This holiday started in 1970, is meant to remind us of the beauty of nature and all the ways we can help to keep our planet in gre

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is the Wrong Size

  There’s nothing quite like walking into your home on a steaming hot summer day to feel the refreshing “woosh” of your air conditioner. Here in the South, we tend to take this marvel of technology for granted

5 Steps to An Indoor Garden (and Fresh Air)

  It’s not uncommon to see plants in indoor spaces. Let’s face it – they are attractive, bringing a little bit of nature indoors during the coldest winter months. They can liven up a room with beautiful foliag

Tech in HVAC: Smart Thermostats

  Spring is here, which means that summer is not far behind. Clients often ask, “What is the best way to save money on cooling costs?” and the truth is that there are a lot of steps to take to ensure that your H

9 Ways to Keep Pet Dander Down

  We all love our furry friends, but with spring allergy season upon us the dander pets produce can be enough to send allergy sufferers over the edge. There’s nothing worse than spending time at home suffering fro

Why Work With Brown Heating & Cooling?

  We get it…there are a lot of heating and cooling companies out there. Of course, we want to say, “we’re special!” but we bet you hear that from all the HVAC managers! So instead of just saying we are the b

Get to Know: High-Velocity Cooling

  When it comes to cooling your home, the three options that we hear about all the time are the traditional forced air system with ductwork, mini-split systems, and in-window air conditioning units. These options ca

6 Things Every Home Owner Should Know About HVAC

  It’s amazing how many things a homeowner must keep in mind. When you are a renter, maintenance becomes a non-issue – the landlord will take care of it, right? Well, hopefully, they’ll take care of it. At any

10 Secret Hiding Places of Household Mold

  Mold…it’s disgusting, it causes health problems, and unfortunately, it can be an all too common part of living in the South. Thanks to our mild temperatures and plenty of humidity, it’s all too easy for mold

Get That HVAC Ready for Spring!

  Ahh…spring! Time for warmer weather, planning gardens, and clearing out all the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months. When spring finally rolls around, most of us are ready to open windows and enj
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