Is Duct Cleaning Worth The Investment?

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It

There is a lot of controversy surrounding duct cleaning. A simple Google search will show hundreds of articles arguing back and forth about whether or not this is a service in which homeowners should invest. Here at Brown Heating & Cooling, we definitely think it is worth the investment…and not just because it’s our job to say so!

We see a lot of HVAC systems on a daily basis, and spend an awful lot of time listening to the needs of our clients. When we hear that someone is having an issue with dust buildup or allergy problems, the first thing we think is usually, “What do the ducts look like and when was the last time the HVAC system had a good cleaning?” Think of it this way – your HVAC system is the respiratory center of your home. If there has been an opportunity for dirt to collect in filters, coils, screens, vents, or ducts, that grime is going to be blown throughout your house, potentially leading to a never ending battle with dust and breathing issues.

Another major problem with dirt buildup in HVAC systems is a reduction in efficiency, especially if a dirty system is leading to quickly clogging filters and dirt on major unit components. This buildup prevents your heating and cooling system from running properly, which means it needs more energy to efficiently maintain a stable temperature. That extra work leads to higher energy costs, and no one wants that.

If you’re a HVAC maintenance pro, routinely changing your filters, cleaning your vents, and scheduling bi-annual checkups, then it’s very possible that duct cleaning isn’t a service that you need. But if you’ve let maintenance slide, and especially if you’re an allergy sufferer or have problems with asthma, then you may want to schedule a cleaning.

Duct cleaning starts with a full inspection of your HVAC system, to see where any major issues are when it comes to dirt and possibly mildew or mold buildup. Once we ID the areas that are problematic, we can plan on how we’ll most efficiently clean your system. We recently invested in a new tool called the Air Scrubber – paired with our Roto Brush, these tools leave your ducts very clean. The Roto Brush travels through your ducts, loosening any stuck on debris, while the Air Scrubber vacuums and filters the dirt, dust and grime, making sure that none of that nasty stuff ends up back in the air of your home.

What you are left with is a home that has sparkling clean ductwork. We have many clients who tell us what a difference the cleaning process has made on keeping their homes clean, not to mention a reduction in allergy symptoms. When we got our new duct cleaning tools, we gave them a try in our own offices and even we were impressed! So is the process worth it? We think so, but the end decision is up to you!

Want to learn more about duct cleaning for your home? Give us a call at (205) 871-8111 for more information on how we can keep your HVAC system clean and healthy.