Beat the Heat with Ductless Air Conditioning

Beat the Heat With Ductless Air Conditioning

Let’s face it – summertime in Birmingham is no joke. It gets hot here; hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Air conditioning isn’t optional – if you want to live comfortably from the months of April-November, having some sort of cooling system in your home will make a huge difference. While many of us are lucky enough to have central air, not everyone has that luxury. If you are living in a small space, or a home that is older, central air may not be an option. So, besides installing a window unit, what are your options for keeping your home cool?

Ductless air conditioning is a fantastic choice for both small spaces and older homes, as well as for additions that may require costly work to link into an existing central air system. Popular oversees for a long time, ductless or “mini split” systems operate in much the same way as any other air conditioner, but without the ductwork. Ductless systems requires professional installation to setup both outdoor and indoor components of the unit, but the amount of space required to connect the components is very small, only a few inches. Homeowners can achieve the same cooling effect of central air, but with substantially less work, which is truly a benefit for historic homeowners.

Another benefit of ductless systems is the ability to easily create zones. A single outdoor condenser can be linked to multiple indoor air handlers. Each handler can be run independently, meaning that people in separate rooms have full control of the temperature in their area. With a little forethought, homeowners opting for a ductless system can also find clever ways to make the indoor handlers less noticeable. Most units are relatively small and unobtrusive, and generally installed high on the wall, near the ceiling. Even just matching the wall color to the unit can make them seamlessly blend with the décor of the room.

While ductless systems do cost more than window or portable air conditioning options, they also provide benefits that don’t come with these traditional options, mainly in overall cost savings. Ductless systems tend to be very energy efficient, so while the initial installation cost is high, your monthly energy bills will likely drop. They also do a great job of acting as air filters, keeping the air quality in your home high – this is a major benefit for those suffering from seasonal allergies. The control you have with a ductless system can’t be beat – if you’re working with a professional HVAC technician, they will be able to provide information on how to set up a mini split array that will suit your lifestyle and home use. That means endless comfort all summer long, which is half the year in Alabama!

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