Money Saving Tips

    • Be sure furniture or other large objects are not blocking the air flow from the registers. This will reduce the load that is put on your system so it can operate more economically.


    • Check your filter regularly to make sure it isn’t excessively dirty. This will restrict airflow. This is a very easy and inexpensive way to ensure your system is operating efficiently.


    • Keep flowers and grass from growing too close to the outdoor unit.  This will also restrict air flow.


    • If the unit will not come on at all, check the breakers before placing a service call.


    • Try to keep the thermostat set at the same temperature.  When using the air conditioning, your operating cost will decrease from 3% to 8% for each degree you lower your thermostat.  When using the heat, your operating cost increases for each degree you raise your thermostat.


    • During the winter, let the sun in to help warm your home.  Open window shades or curtains to help lower the heating load put on your system.  During the summer, try to block it out.  Direct sunlight will warm up your house and make your air conditioner work harder.


    • Make sure the condenser coil stays clean (located in the outside unit).  Dirt, grass, leaves or other debris can restrict your condenser coil. If you have any questions or need help with cleaning your condenser coil, feel free to call us.


    • Be sure your home is well insulated.  Use storm doors and windows, sealing any cracks around them.


    • Turn your unit off during a lightning storm.


    • Make sure your clothes dryer is vented to the outside.  This will reduce the air conditioning load and excessive moisture.